EpiPen® Trainer – allergypunk

EpiPen® Trainer


EpiPen® Auto-injector Trainer Pen

Use an EpiPen® training device to demonstrate to carers, friends, co-workers, and family, so they are familiar with how to administer an EpiPen®.

The EpiPen® training device does not contain adrenaline or have a needle.  

It is important to ensure you practice with an EpiPen® training device so that you are prepared in case of an emergency.

EpiPen training pen is designed for practice

Practice EpiPen use with teachers, first aid trainers, demonstrate to family, friends and carers how to use an EpiPen in case of an emergency. Practice with older children, how to use their auto-injector.

Be prepared in case of Anaphylaxis


please note: EpiPen® training device only .The EpiPen® adrenaline/epinephrine Auto-Injector which contains adrenaline is only available from pharmacies. 


 How to use EpiPen Trainer

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